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13 Apr

A Walk in the Garden: An introduction to the Kyoto Botanical Garden

Hello Again!

Here again with another blog that I hope helps guide you to some interesting sights in the city. At the time of writing, Kyoto is, unfortunately going into a new emergency level that will have restaurants closing earlier and forcing people to not go outside too late. But on the good news of the Coronavirus situation, the prefecture of Kyoto got their first doses of Coronavirus Vaccine for use in the general population. Up until now it has only been for people who are a part of the medical industry who had the chance to get the vaccine.

But enough of that! Let’s talk about our main topic today! The Kyoto Botanical Garden!

The Kyoto Botanical Garden is situated north of Shimogamo shrine. if you are coming from the delta of the Kamogawa. How you get there from the center of Kyoto, if by walking (which is my preferred method of getting there) is to follow the Kamogawa River, up until you get to the delta where the two rivers merge, cross into the center area and follow the left side until you see this bird shaped square clock.

When you get to this clock, go past the right side of it, and you will see this amazingly pretty line of trees surrounding the path towards the botanical garden. At the gates you will see some payment machines. (circa 1990’s style machines)

The prices of a ticket inside the botanical garden is 200 yen, which let’s be honest is cheap for a place of this size.

This place is massive. If you want to find a place that is a wide-open area for you to spend time, it is here. Walking through the main throughfare, you will see beds of tulips, while at the end the best place during spring exists. A good chunk of the northside of the park is entirely Japanese Sakura trees!

You can experience the variety of Sakura trees from all around the country in one place!

But there are also many other places to just walk though the pathways.

Some other attractions include a Japanese shrine (unmanned), paths through the temperate forest built up there, a Japanese style watermill, and even one of the largest patches of grass I’ve seen in Kyoto!

So, when you need a moment away from the center of the city, some alone time with the plants, or place to let the children run around. I recommend taking a stroll through the Kyoto Botanical Gardens. And I only just scratched the surface. There are so many things for you to explore inside of the Kyoto botanical gardens, Including a large green house for the more tropical plants!

In any case I hope you are having a great time right now, and I hope to see you all in Kyoto when you come here next! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. And please let us know if you wish to make a reservation at one of our guesthouses here in Kyoto.

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